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Tips to reduce energy bills at no cost

We would be grateful if you could share these energy saving tips to help reduce energy bills.

1. Set the heating to only be on when you are home and its cold, if it’s a little cold put on a sweater, increase the heating on hours as it gets colder, reduce the on hours as it gets warmer in Spring.

2. Set up smart heating controls with an app so you can view the heating and hot water settings, control the on/off times and adjust the temperature settings.

3. Select the eco mode on the boiler and kitchen appliances.

4. Set up a smart metre or an electricity monitor for electricity only. They have the potential to reduce energy consumption, they are a tool to change behaviour giving you real time updates on electricity/gas usage.

5. Change the time on the boiler clock twice a year when the clocks change, or enable the automatic day light setting mode.

6. Bleed the radiators regularly

7. Shower for less than 5 minutes, using as low water flow as comfortable.

8. Close the windows, curtains and doors  with the heating on.

9. When you leave a room turn off lights, computers and electronic devices.

10. Select quick spin cycle on washing machine to drain excess water from your clothes. Select the correct program for the type of clothes being dried in the dryer.

Written by James Tanner:

For more details click on the link below:

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