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About us

We have been full time professional landlords for 14 years. We have built up a family business with 17 properties to rent, as part of this portfolio we have a building with 5 studio flats which provides communal utilities where we reduced gas costs 50%.


We have a 100-year-old 5-bed house where we reduced gas bills from £2500 to £900 pa, and improved the EPC from F to almost A.

We built a block of 6 flats where the EPC is now B.

James L Tanner

Full time professional landlord for 14 years, developer of energy efficient homes for 10 years, training to be a domestic energy assessor, member of the National Residential Landlords Association, Muswell Hill Sustainability Group, MIT Energy and Climate Club and the Centre for Alternative Technology. Tatiana and James ran workshops for kids about sustainability on a voluntary basis for 10 years.

Tatiana Tanner

BA in Psychology, an MA, and an M.Phil. in Child Psychotherapy. Tatiana taught in several Postgraduate courses at the Tavistock Clinic and the Anna Freud Centre, London, England, and works as a teacher and in her own private practice as a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist.

Daniel Tanner

Head of marketing & web design (builder of this website)


Max Tanner

Freelance social media marketing


Why is it important to renovate your home in an ecoconcious way?

25% of emissions come from buildings, so the solution is in your hands, let's make changes now using the existing science. You will be helping save the planet, and reduce your heating bills

What is the biggest challenge you may face?

Finding the right professional to guide you at a reasonable price.

If you are in a conservation area, to retain the original features of your property.

What are the benefits for your tenants?

Your tenants have a warm house which needs little heating,  it does not get cold in the winter, no draughts or mould,  or hot in the summer, and they have low energy bills

What are the key aspects for energy efficiency?

Whereas this is very specific to your property's individual needs, generally wall/loft ground floor insulation, double glazing windows and replace boiler and kitchen appliances with energy efficient ones are the most efficient.

How would you convince others that the eco route is a good one to go down for any homeowner?

​The Government has proposed that landlords cannot rent out their property unless their EPC is a minimum of C by 2025.

The best time to do a retrofit is when a home owner is planning to redecorate their property and or upgrade their boiler. 


To help save the planet we all need to live sustainably at home, the Government have announced a climate emergency with an aim to get to net zero by 2050.

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