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Professional speaker on energy efficiency


How to improve energy efficiency and your EPC

Based on my experience of being a full time professional landlord for 15 years I decided to start giving talks on energy efficiency, the content is based on the measures that I have actually implemented in our own properties. 

The subject of my talks is the topic of, How to improve energy efficiency and your EPC

We consider no/low-cost measures as well as major works

I am am approved speaker for the PIN network on energy efficiency.

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Clip: Improve energy efficiency and your EPC

Clip: Improve energy efficiency and your EPC

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Format of talks
I have delivered the below format in person and online 

1.  Talk

2.  Case study of a property where we improved the energy efficiency

3.  Interactive workshop (with break-out rooms for the online format) where the delegates are divided into small groups, and I ask them a few questions which they have to answer as a group, then one person from each group shares their ideas with all delegates. I then present for a few minutes additional ideas.  I write down all their ideas and share them with the group afterward, so they all get engaged and participate, and they learn from each other.

4. Panel discussion

5. Q & A/ podcast with an interviewer.

The length is flexible, and I allow time for Q & A with the delegates afterwards

Each talk can be tailored to the specific audience: or general: ie homeowners, landlords where the tenant pays the utility bills, HMO/short term let landlords where the landlord pays the utility bills.

Topics Covered

Topics covered include:

Central heating


Heating and hot water controls

Analyze energy bills

​Insulation and ventilation

Draught proofing


Renewable energy: solar PV and solar thermal

Outcome of my talk

After my talk the delegates can build a road map of the energy efficiency measures they need to take, what actions they can take in the short and medium term.

Future Dates for speaker events


How to Substantially Improve your Energy Efficiency and EPC - Free Webinar
Date: Wednesday, July 12, 6:30 pm (British Standard Time)

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